About Sambo

Russian-Sambo-Combat-SamboORIGINS OF SAMBO In 1920’s, a special system of self-defense was created in the USSR to train the Army and police officers. A group of enthusiasts from different sports societies started dealing with this problem. Developers paid a special attention to studying the holds of national single combat events: Uzbek Kurash, Georgian Chidaoba, Armenian Kokh, Russian Fist Fighting. Japanese Jujitsu, Mongolian Bukh Barilda, Chinese Shuai Jiao, French Wrestling, Judo and French Boxing Savate had a significant effect on the formation of SAMBO. In 1923, a SAMBO section was established in Dynamo Sports Society, as a new martial art. SAMBO obtained its official recognition as “self-defense without weapons” on November 16, 1938. Thanks to its origin, SAMBO possessed, from the very beginning, a rich arsenal of painful holds, advanced fighting techniques in standing and ground positions and combinational tactics in holding the bouts. SAMBO techniques advantage was proved already in the first years of this sport appearance. SAMBO fighters practically won all the bouts competing with the representatives of other Single Combat sports. At present SAMBO is a dynamically developing sport that keeps on perfecting.