VIII International Dr. Pranciškus Eigminas Memorial SAMBO Tournament

Last weekend, on 12-14 December, an annual VIII International Dr. Pranciškus Eigminas Memorial SAMBO Tournament took place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Traditionally, the Tournament is held on the second weekend of December.

Juniors from 10 countries took part in the Tournament (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia, Republic of Belarus, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium and Ireland). One of the most planned innovations in the SAMBO rules was tested: the victory with the clear advantage in view of the difference in 8 points. According to the participants, this rule affects positively on the dynamics and staginess of fight.
Traditionally, the Tournament was held on the high organization level, the participants pointed out very good accommodation conditions, comfortable transport communication between the hotel and the sport center, where the event was held.

It is very nice, that the Lithuanian sponsors and organizers do not forget about cultural events for the participants. After finishing the sport part of the Tournament, participants visited the SAMBO museum. The museum was founded by Pranciškus Eigminas and now his followers keep it up. The bus city tour in Vilnius is organized for the participants. At the end of the tour all, the participants could enjoy their afternoon in the big modern waterpark free.

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